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RBS were looking for a more efficient design to manage the IT service needs of their 75,000 staff members.

One of our earliest ServiceNow undertakings, RBS comissioned Monochrome to create a more user-friendly approach to ordering from their Service Catalogue.

With thousands of possible products on offer, RBS were keen to impliment an elegant and intuitive solution that complimented their internal corporate guidelines and sat comfortably within their employee intranet.

The Brief

RBS were looking for a custom interface and enhanced user experience that would allow its workforce to use ServiceNow Orchestration to browse, manage and order catalogue items. The high level design requirements for the interface included:

  • Design must retain brand identity and must be delivered within brand guidelines
  • Design must be consistent with the interface for RBS’ new intranet to promote a more seamless experience between the two systems
  • Design should support mobile and desktop browsers
  • Design must support Internet Explorer 8

The Solution

During the design and consultation phase Monochrome considered a number of approaches to the requirement and explored these with the client through wireframes. Once these wireframes were agreed, two graphic treatments for the interface were looked at and the client decided to pursue the cleaner and more minimalist approach of the two.

The technical implementation had several challenges to overcome that were discussed during the design phase. The greatest of these challenges was how to deliver seamless catalogue browsing and order forms without needing the system to continually render pages and provide the user quick and effective means to restart their browsing. The technical delivery fulfilled the following:

  • The user is able to browse the available catalogue (permissions based) seamlessly and effectively on mobile and desktop devices, without ever leaving the current page (for greater UX performance)
  • The user is able to order catalogue items using ServiceNow order forms yet styled to match the look and feel of the custom interface and customised checkout process
  • The solution supported Internet Explorer 8 despite technical complexities involved to support the browser with the Fuji version of the ServiceNow platform

The Conclusion

Being one of our first ServiceNow implementations we were presented with a number of challenges. Based on the ServiceNow version we were working with, the drive from our creative team to do somehting unique and the bespoke nature of our UI our team meet the challenge and created a result that we and the client were very proud of.

Our work demontrated that we could deliver unique soltuons that not many of our competitors were able to offer.

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We're proud to be the leading Service Portal development and UX partner in the UK, and one of only a handful of companies worldwide capable of delivering high-end, custom solutions on this complex and powerful IT platform.

Our team are proud to be delivering unique user experiences for some of the UK best know finance houses and large global enterprises.

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Ideal for buiding single page apps, AngularJS is a JavaScript-based, front-end web application framework that greatly simpifies both the development and the testing of rich Internet applications.

Monochrome has an experienced and diverse in-house development team that is highly skilled in this powerful open-source framework.

AngularJS two-way data binding is its most notable feature, largely relieving the server backend of templating responsibilities. Instead, templates are rendered in plain HTML according to data contained in a scope defined in the model.

User Interface (UI) Design

Once wireframes have been signed off by the client, we would typically produce a set of high-fidelty designs.

It is at this stage that we are considering the minutiae of the design. The end result is an highly accurate representation of your website or app.

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Interactive Wireframing

Wireframing is an essential part of any project. At this stage we're concerned with layout, user journies and the positioning of content and calls-to-action. Palette, font choice and cosmetics in general are not on the agenda.

Using the excellent Invision prototyping app, we'll import static wireframes and hook them up to create an early illusion of interactivity.

Wireframing allows us to be confident in our UX decision making, proving (and occasionally disproving) a concept before a single line of code is written.

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