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Using pioneering lift and learn technology, Monochrome helped increase sales of digital SLRs by 50%.

“Working with Monochrome to develop the digital imaging wall for the pilot was a growth inspiring experience for Dixons Carphone. The technology, effectively enables our retail assistants to connect with our customers, through an intuitive interface. that provides a real time sales tool allowing us to demonstrate information such as product spec comparison, USPs, and ability to demo. With the pilot of a single store, we were able to increase sales in digital SLR’s by 50%. However, the true value of the experience, is in the data we can then assign to purchase behaviour. This allows us to build better customer journeys and product strategies around granular product attributes and gives us understanding of preferred features, customers are most interested in.”
Kash Ghedia,
Head of Technology,
Dixons Carphone

The Brief

Monochrome were called upon to assist in the development of a unique Lift & Learn based information wall to assist in the sales of digital SLR cameras. Dixons Carpohone were looking at new way to revolutionise the customer experience and empower those customers with new ways to interact with their products and the environment created in store

The Solution

The display features two walls of six screens. The bright, bold and engaging "Promotion and information loop" prompts customers to both pick up a camera and take photos with it. The "Promotion and information loop" also features photos taken on the specific camera featured below it, allowing customers to see the quality and abilities of each model.

When a customer lifts a camera, the screens above the product are instantly triggered to display key specifications and explain each of the camera's features. The display allows customers to take pictures with the camera and see them displayed on a screen above the product. We worked in a strong partnership with other partners to deliver an exciting and innovative retail experience.

The Conclusion

Monochrome were delighted to work with Dixons Carphone to develop a market leading "Lift and Learn" retail installation; the first of its kind in the UK. The prototype unit was launched in the flagship Currys PC World Southampton store to promote a range of digital cameras and was an instant hit!

Customer experience is fast becoming the most important competitive factor of the retail trade. We are aware of a increasing requirement to improve the shopping experience in every channel and on every platform.

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Retailers are ever recognising the value of customer engagement through in-store installations. At Monochrome, we work with clients such as Dixons Carphone to deliver customer experience solutions that are cohesive, measurable, and integrated with strategic digital and social channels. Our solutions not only aim to engage the customer, but also provide staff with real time insights into user behaviour and shop-floor trends through portable data dashboard applications.

If you like what you see and feel that Monochrome could improve your digital appearance and help to propel your business forward, please dont' hesitate to get in touch.

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Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source framework for building database driven web applications. It enables agile development by favouring convention over configuration, leaving us to worry about how your application works rather than how the code works.

Our experienced Ruby on Rails developers can take a project from its conception to a working application very quickly, allowing us to show our clients how their website is going to work at an early stage in the project so that their feedback can be used to make changes before too much time has been invested.

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'Vanilla' JavaScript is the staple of any web and application developer. We write copious amounts bespoke javascript here at Monochrome and only reach for a library or framework when a project directly benefits.

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Front-end Technology

User Interface (UI) Design

Once wireframes have been signed off by the client, we would typically produce a set of high-fidelty designs.

It is at this stage that we are considering the minutiae of the design. The end result is an highly accurate representation of your website or app.

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Interactive Wireframing

Wireframing is an essential part of any project. At this stage we're concerned with layout, user journies and the positioning of content and calls-to-action. Palette, font choice and cosmetics in general are not on the agenda.

Using the excellent Invision prototyping app, we'll import static wireframes and hook them up to create an early illusion of interactivity.

Wireframing allows us to be confident in our UX decision making, proving (and occasionally disproving) a concept before a single line of code is written.

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